Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It begins...

I have long thought about creating a blog to talk about my exploration of visual art. Light painting has become my medium of choice over the years. I particularly enjoy utilizing it to create visually intense abstract works. My discovery of this style of photography was by accident as I'm sure it was for many. Soon enough my camera was getting waved at various sorts of lights and over the years I assembled a chaotic body of work that way.

In the past year I've sought to approach the medium in a more structured and serious way. I've been seeking to turn a dark room into my own personal canvas to paint over with flashlights and other various objects.

In this blog I'm going to explore various techniques to create interesting composition, texture and depth in my paintings. I hope to make something beautiful and exciting.
First up I'm going to share some examples of work I've done over the past year that represent various steps in discovering techniques I plan to take further. A digital sketchbook if you may.


  1. These are beautiful!! I love this! I hadn't ever heard of light painting before! You have such a talent... but then again, we knew that already :)

  2. Wow! There's some wickedly awesome stuff in there! (the rest is only normal awesome, sorry)